Caterina Roppo, a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works between Palma de Mallorca and Milan, stands out for her eclecticism and her incessant pursuit of new artistic forms. Her work embraces perspective and the construction of Jacquard flottés, giving life to three-dimensional works that are rooted in her personal worldview.
The "Trayma" project originates from a dramatic event that marked her life, triggering post-traumatic stress disorder. This experience initiated a deep research process, prompting the artist to explore the "wounds" present in natural and architectural environments. Through contours and perspectives, Roppo transforms these wounds into an aesthetic synergy that merges visual reality with the realm of the unconscious.
Her exceptional creativity and artistic skills have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. In 2024, she was a finalist for the prestigious CRAMUM Prize in Milan with the project "Eroi". That same year, she was awarded the Arte Laguna Prize for Business for Art thanks to Incalmi. She has received further recognition for her experimental research in textiles and for the FEEDback Prize in Barcelona, presented at the 2019 Buenos Aires Architecture Biennale. Finally, she was selected as a finalist for the Prisma Art Prize in Rome.
Her international presence has been solidified with Xtant and the Kaplan Project in Mallorca and the Martch Art Project in Istanbul. Thanks to Plusiders Collectors, an exhibition is scheduled at the Casino di Aurora Pallavicini in Rome, where the artist will continue the dialogue between plastic and performative expression initiated with the Milan exhibition at Palazzo Cagnola.
In addition to exhibitions, Roppo has developed special projects and significant collaborations in the fields of illustration and textile exhibitions.
With a repertoire of exhibitions and awards continuously growing, Caterina Roppo reaffirms herself as one of the most innovative and influential voices in the contemporary art scene, with works that fascinate and inspire international audiences.


09_ 2024_ Casino di Aurora Pallavicini_ Roma_Italy

2024 - Eroi _ CRAMUM Prize _Finalist_ Milan 
2024 - FEEDback Bienal International de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires_ Finalist_UIC Barcelona 
2024 - Prisma Art Prize_  Finalist_Roma
2024 - Arte Laguna Prize _ Business for art _ Incalmi

Selected Exhibitions
06_2024_ Plusiders Collectors_ Milan_Italy
05_2024_ Martch Art Project_Istambul_ Türkiye
05_2024 _Xtant_Mallorca_ Spain
04_2024_Kaplan Project_ Mallorca_ Spain 
01_2024_Cramum_ Group Show_Reti_Busto Arsizio 
11_ 2023 - Beautifool Minds _ Group Show _ Cavallerizza Torino
09_2023_ Contemporary Istanbul Collectors Dinner _ Mandarin Hotel Istambul
06 _2023_ Baitball #03 _ Group Show_ Fondazione Pino Pascali Polignano
04 _2023 _Eidos _ Duo Show _ Milan
04 _2022_ The Doors _ Augmented Reality Solo show _  Piuarch Studio _ Milan

Illustrations Project
2021_ Illustrations cover sections _ Panorama Collezione
2021_ Cover illustration _ Panorama Collezione

Special Project
04_2023 _ Community _ Textile exhibition _ Spazio Calabiana _ Milan
09_2022 _ Superpower _Textile exhibition _ Spazio Calabiana _ Milan
04_ 2021_ Magnifiche Passioni _ Textile exhibition_ Spazio Krizia _ Milan
04_ 2020_ Textile exhibition_ Digital Textile Event
03_ 2019_ Ecorotica _ Textile exhibition_ Fabbrica Orobia _ Milan
11_ 2018_ Music Menu _ Textile exhibition _ Fabbrica Orobia _ Milan
03_ 2018_ Nations to Nations _ Textile exhibition _ Versace Teatre _ Milan
10_ 2017_ Save The Planet _ Textile exhibition _ Versace Teatre _ Milan
03_ 2017_ Unconventional _ Textile exhibition  _ La Pelota jai Alai _ Milan
09_ 2017_ Inediti Cortocircuiti_ Textile exhibition  _ La Pelota jai Alai _ Milan
02_ 2016_ Versus _Textile exhibition _ La Pelota jai Alai _ Milan
05_ 2015_ Abissi _ Textile exhibition _ La Pelota jai Alai _ Milan

Critical Text
06_ 2024_ Being Worldless _  Domenico de Chirico
04_ 2023_ Eidos, La forma del pensiero _ Gabriela Galati
11_ 2022_ Trayma _  Michele Spinelli

Eroi & Sopravvissuti _ Cramum
Nice & Fair_ Paratissima

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